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New Mamas, this one's for you...

Lets just start out by saying that having a baby is probably the most crazy whirlwind tornado hurricane you could ever go through. It's a huge change to life as we know it. Taking care of a tiny human takes up every ounce of energy you didn't even know you had. When I was expecting my first, I thought... "Ahh this will be ok... I've been a Pediatric ICU nurse for a while now... I've got this". Though I did have a leg up when it came to newborn care, safety, and experience, boy, how different it was not being able to clock out at the end of the shift. So to all the new mamas to be out there, here are a few little things that were Godsends to me along the way.


First and foremost, asking for help. Whether its your mom, partner, a friend, or a cleaning lady, having an extra hand to bring you a snack while you have been glued to the couch feeding a tiny human nonstop is incredible. If someone asks what they can do to help, give them a real job! "You can fold all this laundry here", or "Yes, I would love if you could fix me a sandwich for lunch".


Some friendly and hilarious blogs to read about motherhood and what others experience. Lucie's List is one of my all time favorites! I hope she doesn't mind me mentioning her here, but Lucie, you have made me laugh so hard and have so much useful insightful information. I want everyone to know about you! I have read every inch of her blog at one point or another. And let me tell you... this chick knows what she's talking about. From what to expect at the hospital, to what products to buy for baby that will fit your budget, I have learned so much useful information.


Sleep training. Ahhh my favorite. I'm the kind of girl who cannot function without sleep. I hate coffee jitters (though I love the taste of decaf coffee!) and without a good 7-8 hours of sleep I'm a cranky zombie. How did I work night nursing shifts for 3 years? I have no idea. Anyway, you know the phrase "sleeps like a baby"? Well it's B. S. Newborns are up constantly, needing their little bellies filled with milk and their little tushes cleaned. The best baby gift my mother gave me was a book called "12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old" by Suzy Giordano Though I didn't follow her every recommendation (as I thought it was much more geared toward bottle fed babies than exclusively breastfed babies) I did follow most of it and my babies were both sleeping a full 12 hours by 12 weeks old. Thank God!


Date night. Remember that your partner was there first. Whether it's you or him (or both!) that are completely absorbed in baby land, getting out of the house even for an hour without baby to just talk and remember life before feels nice. Either you or your hubby may be feeling that this little new baby took their place somehow, so remember where it all began.


Last but not least, WINE! Just kidding. Or not. Babies grow up so fast, be sure to savor each moment. I know everyone is telling you that. It makes me so anxious, looking at their tiny faces and thinking "this is the last time they will ever be THIS small!" I am so thankful to have newborn portraits of my kiddos to look back on and remember the tiny details. Take pictures every day, whether its with your iPhone, or a high end camera. You can also give me a call to set up your newborn and milestone portraits for your little one. I'll elaborate on all of these parenting secrets at our sessions too :) Book your session here:


Elizabeth Brodbaker Photography

"Capturing precious moments to last a lifetime"

At Elizabeth Brodbaker Photography, we specialize in Family, Newborn, Child, Maternity, and Professional Portraiture. Here are a few examples of our newborn work :) Check out the main site for full galleries of all categories.

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