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The Perfect Newborn Pictures: Baby's First Portrait

newborn pictures portrait session

Newborn Photography is much more an art than any other type of portraiture in my mind. These newborn pictures, the first ever portrait a new life will ever have, is the very best first impression, the very best memory. There is nothing like being able to see and almost feel the softness of a newborn skin through the lens. The little fat folds and little wrinkly feet, the little eye lashes and tiny tiny lips. Because tomorrow, she will be different. Tomorrow, she will be bigger. Tomorrow, she'll be toddling around.... and the tomorrow after that she'll be off to college.

Posed newborn pictures are one of my favorite portrait sessions. There is so much room for creativity and perfection. I love all of the planning that is involved. I spend hours at art stores looking at different yarns and fabrics, knitting some of my props, including this hand knit chunky pink blanket I used in this session.

newborn picture in mini bed

I especially love all the flowers I can use for baby girls. This sweet newborn's mama wanted pinks and whites. Challenge accepted!!! My favorite color combo!!!

This newborn session was done in my client's darling home... It is so difficult to get out of the house in the early days of parenthood. I like to make it easy on my clients and bring everything to them. That way they can sit back and relax with their own comforts of home while I work with baby. It even gives mom and dad a an hour or two break to get themselves dressed and ready to be in portraits later on in the session.

Many clients are worried about little things like "what if my house is too messy?" or "what if I don't like my home decor for these images?". Those things don't matter!!! I bring along bags full of props that fit the look we are going for for these newborn pictures. I set everything up and Wallah!

Here are some of my favorite images from our newborn portrait session:

Mom and Dad picked out a stunning album with a lux linen cover and a beautiful wall portrait and some gift keepsakes from their portrait session. I cannot wait to watch baby grow!

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