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The Family Portrait

Children grow quickly. That's one thing I have learned as a parent. Family pictures are the one thing left to solidify my memories of yesterday, last week, and last year. But how often do we really look through our phones at old images? I love walking into a home and seeing a family portrait right there on the wall in front of me. That is something I would enjoy every day, multiple times a day, and I wish I had more wall space to plaster every little memory on the walls.

This sweet family had the perfect walls in the entry way, just waiting to be filled with family memories. We planned for one or two family portraits in those spaces and kept in mind the color schemes of the home when outfit planning. We ended up with the perfect traditional wall portrait as well as a wall grouping to display some of the boys cute faces individually.

These two sweet boys were so cooperative and adventurous during our family portrait session. I loved how they interacted with each other and with the camera. From the short time that I spent with them, their bond seemed palpable. They are so lucky to have each other and I was honored to capture them both at this age. I hope they look back on these family pictures in ten or twenty years and remember their childhood together.

While showing Mom and Dad their fully retouched images at our ordering session, Mom commented how she didn't even realize how beautiful her son's eyes were! That made me smile. I love capturing children in a way that freezes a moment in time so that Mom and Dad can look back at their child's perfect features and buttery skin and almost be able to reach out and feel the softness and littleness of them.

And... the icing on the cake...

Dad mentioned how he would love some type of fantasy edit or unique piece of artwork. I chose my all-time favorite animals (which turned out to be Mom's all-time favorite too!!!) and brought the boys into a wondrous world where Elephants roam free.

Visit to discover more on the art of Family Portraits.

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