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What to bring to your Family Portrait Session

Have you ever had that sinking feeling as you turn the corner of your street headed to an important meeting or event that you have forgotten something? And if you are lucky, you will remember what it is within a minute or two before its too late to turn around and go home to get it. We would never want that to happen to you on your way to your Family Portrait Session! You have been waiting quite some time to get that stunning album for your coffee table, and forgetting your favorite earrings or your child's matching hair bow would just about make you cry. Here is a checklist so you will hopefully not forget the important things. And if you still do, not to worry. Surely your portraits will turn out incredible nonetheless!

family portraiture
The Perfect Family Portrait

So, what is on our list?

Let's start with clothing, accessories, and shoes. Do you have all of your jewelry, bows, scarves, headbands, hats, and belts? A change of comfortable shoes while walking around to find the perfect portrait spot? Perhaps a backup outfit for the little ones in case of some type of emergency spill that happens in the backseat of the car. Don't you just love it when your perfectly clean toddler decides to leave a half eaten chocolate chip granola bar in his car seat, then proceeds to wiggle his little behind enough for a full on melted chocolate pie all over the seat of his pants? Yup, I've been there. Many. times.

Now lets talk props. Did you decide on any meaningful props you wanted to incorporate into your session? Perhaps a blanket knitted by grandma, or a stuffed animal your child has cuddled for years? Make sure to throw those into the trunk! They may not be used, but you will be happy you had the option if the perfect opportunity arises.

Some backup necessities are also always useful. I always like to have bobbie pins, baby wipes, and a brush. That way, some little impending disasters can be avoided quite easily.

Bribes. Yup. You heard me. Bribes. Kids have short attention spans which is why we do our very best to keep things upbeat and fast paced. We jump and run and make things into fun games to get genuine laughter and smiles. That being said, little ones tend to start loosing it after the 3rd click or so of the camera shutter. This is where the lollypop comes in. If I were you, I'd leave it in the car (unless you want your kiddo sucking a green orb in all of your portraits). The fact that they know it is waiting for them if they cooperate can be a very powerful tool.


Make a list during your Consultation Meeting! This is the perfect time to discuss all the fine details of the Session and make an all inclusive list of everything you may need.

And Wallah! Now you'll be prepared for anything! And remember, there's always photoshop to get out that little chocolate smudge on your toddlers shirt, so don't stress it. Happy, carefree families make for the best portraits.

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