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A Little Winter Magic

Now you may ask: "Does it really snow in Dallas?" Well the answer is sometimes. But not in these images! We had our first frost this winter, down to a whopping 25 degrees F, which is wayyyy to cold for a born and raised California girl. But, I had this idea of getting some images with fur hoods, because... well, I think my daughter looks like a little Babushka doll in one, and its pretty darn cute. So, snow or no snow, we were going to get some snow images! After a little coaxing, running around our backyard in the freezing cold, and a large chunk of photoshop magic.... Wallah! Snow.

Here are the Before/After images... just to show how much it was NOT snowing! I love comparing the two. It reminds me that so much of the magic happens in post production.

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